Friday, January 24, 2014

Promises of the Art House Convergence

I just returned from a week in Utah wading through the snow at the 2014 Art House Convergence. The AHC is a conference / get together of people who show art house films and those who distribute them. In addition there are representatives of firms who supply equipment and services needed to show films and run a cinema: credit card processing, ticketing, advertising, etc. The idea is to get these folks together to discuss ways forward to accomplish the goals of getting these more challenging films before an audience; also to make art house theaters more versatile and more integrated into their communities.

My goal was to meet the people I am already dealing with for films and to make connections with new sources. I accomplished this and much more. The months and hopefully years ahead should reveal strategies, sources, and ideas gleaned at the AHC. Already I am hearing from new connections as we get acquainted and try to determine how to work together.

In the foreseeable future we do have a number of films coming up, some featuring interviews with the filmmakers either in person or utilizing technologies such as SKYPE. We will be showcasing more local and regional filmmakers. We will participate in a short film competition later this year. We will have more silent films with live music.

We hope to eventually offer new kinds of entertainment such as live streamed opera, concerts, dance, and plays to our community. I am excited about how this tiny downtown theater could become a gathering place where cultural events as well as entertainment, and educational programs originating anywhere on the globe can be shared.

As always, let me hear your ideas and suggestions.

Stay tuned.
Daniel W. Boone
Westside Theatre Foundation / Strand Cinema