Wednesday, September 28, 2016


For the third consecutive year we bring this fun program followed by an afterparty at Martin's at Midtown

It's at 7 PM at the Strand on Saturday, October 1.

Tickets are $7

Vicksburg …You Be the Judge!
At The World’s First Global Film Festival
Audiences in over 250 Cities Spanning 6 Continents Unite for One Week for One Purpose . . . to Judge the 10 Finalists in the 19th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival.
New York, NY – Sept 12, 2016 - Filmgoers in Vicksburg will unite with audiences in over 250 cities spanning six continents to view and judge the work of the next generation of filmmakers from around the world when the 19th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival screens at the the Strand Theatre in downtown Vicksburg

The 10 MANHATTAN SHORT finalists hail from eight countries, with France and Australia represented by two films each. These Final 10 short films represent the best among a record 844 submissions from 52 countries received by Manhattan Short for 2016, testimony to the enduring vibrancy and creativity of the short film genre. In addition, for the first time, all of the Final 10 short films are Oscar-qualified, meaning they are automatically eligible for an Academy Award nomination.
The Final 10 are:The Tunnel (Norway),  Carousel (England), Kaputt (Germany), Ella Gets a Promotion? (USA), Hold On (The Netherlands), Bravoman  (Russia) Overtime (Australia), Gorilla (France),  I Am A Pencil (Australia), The Last Journey of the Enigmatic Paul WR (France).

Which of these 10 short films is the best? That’s up to a worldwide audience to decide. Cinema-goers across the United States and around the globe will become instant film critics as they are handed a ballot upon entry that allows them to vote for the Best Film and Best Actor. MANHATTAN SHORT is the ultimate audience award that salutes the creative talents of both directors behind the camera and actors in front of it. Votes will be sent through to MANHATTAN SHORT HQ with the winner announced at on Monday Oct 3, at 10AM EST.
MANHATTAN SHORT audiences know a good short when they see one. Two of the top vote-getters from 2015, SHOK (Kosovo) and Bear Story (Chile), became Oscar nominees, with the latter winning the famous statue in the best animated short category. This year’s crop of short films is equally exciting. Two short films, Kaputt and I Am A Pencil, are animations. Other entries run the gamut from comedy to drama to horror to science fiction. Film fans also will see well-known actors like Ewen Bremner (Carousel) of Trainspotting and Pearl Harbor fame as well as a number of young actors who will be the stars of tomorrow--with Ewen Bremner’s daughter, Harmony Rose Bremner, among them. Will father and daughter split the vote for Best Actor? The audience decides and hopefully, there will be no trouble in the Bremner household once the ballots are cast. MANHATTAN SHORT votes may determine the future success of the short films, directors and actors appearing in MANHATTAN SHORT. In short, there is something for everyone.
MANHATTAN SHORT’s international appeal is among its biggest attributes. "In times like these, cross-border events like MANHATTAN SHORT that contribute towards greater tolerance and understanding are needed now more than ever. MANHATTAN SHORT is about communities bonding together via their local cinema. I want to thank and congratulate all the filmmakers and cinemas involved in this global cinematic event. MANHATTAN SHORT is not going to cable TV or Video on Demand or anywhere else. So get down to your local theater to see 10 of the best short films the world has to offer," said MANHATTAN SHORT Founding Director Nicholas Mason.

The first MANHATTAN SHORT was held in 1998, when 16 short films were shown onto a screen mounted on the side of a truck in Little Italy's Mulberry Street in New York City, and has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon. MANHATTAN SHORT is the only film festival on the planet that unfolds, simultaneously, in cinemas around the world, bringing over 100,000 film-lovers across six continents together for one week, to view the work of the next generation of filmmakers.

The MANHATTAN SHORTS will be presented at 7 PM on Saturday, October 1 at the Strand Theatre located at 717 Clay Street. Tickets are $7 each. After the voting takes place, the attendees are invited to retire to Martin’s at Midtown while the ballots are tallied, and the winners will be announced. For more information call 601 529 7252.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The First Art House Theater Day is over...

What a long day that was! We started the morning with Richard McComas performing Beatles songs for our first two audiences (thanks Richard.) One family of three got 3 ALL IN PASSES when they arrived at 11 AM and they actually stayed all day through two programs of animated shorts, Time Bandits, Verdi's Requiem and Porches and Private Eyes. That's my kind of family. The audiences grew steadily throughout the day. The next to the last show was a Henri Georges Clouzot film of Verdi's Requiem from 1967. The audience seemed to love it, and when it was over they emerged to find a feast donated by Martin's at Midtown, Mainstreet Market Cafe, 10 South, Roca, and Just Desserts. (Thanks Jay, Sally, Chris, Lisa, John, Heather, Kevin, and whoever helped you - it was perfect.) Early arrivals for the last show of the day were there for the food and socializing as well. I love the energy we get when we have something like this. And bar sales were pretty good, too.

For the finale Travis Mills, director of Porches was there along with 2 of the actors, and 2 producers. He introduced the feature, and afterwards he and his team engaged the audience in conversation from the apron of the stage.

I was excited to get a few folks who had never been to the Strand before along with a liberal dose of our regulars. We reached my secret goal of the minimum number of total attendees. Our thanks to everyone who came and / or supported the day. Next year: well, hopefully, more.

Art House Theater Day at the Strand could not have happened without Jack Burns (without whom nothing would happen at the Strand.) Also thanks to Lauren, Cami, and Stacie for their invaluable assistance with this and other projects there. And of course, thank you, Lesley for all your encouragement and support.

All in all, I think AHTD reminded people how cool it is to experience films with an audience and especially how much fun it can be to discuss what we see with other adventurous filmgoers. I think we learned a few things to do to make next year's 2nd ever Art House Theater Day at the Strand even better. Come be a part of what we are doing at the Strand from now until then.

This week: MANHATTAN SHORTS with an afterparty at Martin's at Midtown...Saturday, October 1 starting at 7. Come early and get a good seat...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Art House Theater Day is here!

Saturday, September 24!

Art House Theater Day celebrates the art house theater and the cultural role it plays in a community. It is a day to recognize the year-round contributions of film and filmmakers, patrons, projectionists, and staff, and the brick and mortar theaters that are passionately dedicated to providing access to the best cinematic experience.

Over 200 theaters are participating nationwide, and the Strand is one...

Come see us. The bar will be open, the popcorn will be fresh; we will have prizes, giveaways, activities... and films:

First we have...
2 Animation programs: 
Best of New York International Children's Film Festival 1&2
Saturday, September 24 

Program 1 at 11 AM
Program 2 at 12:15 PM

Bring your children, bring your grandchildren, bring your grandparents...
but come to the Strand Saturday, September 24 for these excellent shorts. Every year films for children from all over the world are brought together for the New York International Children's Film Festival. And every year the best of those films go on tour. We are lucky to have that tour of films making a stop here in Vicksburg as the opening program of the first ever Art House Theater Day.

The first group starts at 11 AM and is geared towards children ages 3 to 7. But the films are delightful for you as well.

At 12:15 PM we present a separate block of films for children 8 and up.

We will provide some snacks and activities to entertain you and the young ones.

 Your children or grandchildren deserve a trip to the movie theater on Saturday morning to see these terrific shorts.

The Strand Theatre
717 Clay Street
downtown Vicksburg

Animation Tickets:
11 AM - $5 for adults
$2 for children under 16

12:15 PM - $5 for adults

$2 for children under 16
All-In- Pass: $25

Later that same day:

  Saturday afternoon at the Strand:
Terry Gilliam's 
Time Bandits
Saturday, September 24 
1:45 PM

Art House Theater Day 2016 continues with Terry Gilliam's wacky adventure film: Time Bandits.

Terry Gilliam and his Monty Python partners John Cleese and Michael Palin, along with Sean Connery and others, concoct a time traveling adventure that brings our young hero to meet Robin Hood, Napoleon, Agamemnon and the Supreme Being.

See this new restoration of a classic.

The first 36 attendees will receive their own Time Map just like the one in the movie, so they can attempt time travel themselves. Just think of the possibilities...

The Strand Theatre
717 Clay Street
downtown Vicksburg

Time Bandits Tickets:
$5 in advance at Highway 61 Coffeehouse

$7 at the door
All-In- Pass: $25

And to add a little class to the day...

  Saturday afternoon at the Strand:
Verdi's Requiem
Saturday, September 24 
4:30 PM

It's Art House Theater Day afternoon at the Strand:

Mississippi's own Leontyne Price along with a young Luciano Pavorotti sing the beautiful Requiem. 

After the Requiem join us in the lobby for a reception featuring hor d'oeuvres from our favorite local restaurants.

Teatro Alla Scala di Milano

Recorded in 1967
Running Time: 1h 25min (85 min)


Conductor Herbert von Karajan
Director Henri-Georges Clouzot
Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Alla Scala


Tenor Luciano Pavarotti
Soprano Leontyne Price
Mezzosoprano Fiorenza Cossotto
Bass Nicolai Ghiaurov

Originally performed at La Scala in 1967 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Toscanini's death, this production with the orchestra and chorus of the Teatro alla Scala was presented in Moscow, Montreal and New York, in addition to Milan. It was recorded on film (35mm) in 1967, with the young Luciano Pavarotti replacing Carlo Bergonzi. 

The Strand Theatre
717 Clay Street
downtown Vicksburg

Requiem Tickets: $12
All-In- Pass: $25

And the final event...

Travis Mills'
Porches & Private Eyes
Saturday, September 24 
6 PM Reception / 7 PM Film

The Strand's Art House Theater Day concludes with this independent comedy murder mystery made in Mississippi.

At 6 PM join us for a reception featuring hors d'oeuvres from our favorite local restaurants. Meet the director and members of the cast and crew of Porches and Private Eyes made in Brookhaven.

Ann Margaret, Patsy Lynn and Jenny Rose are not unlike most Southern women. They attend church on Sundays in their respective denominations, enjoy making and consuming a good Southern meal with sweet tea of course and... they have a little porch-sitting gossip circle.

But when Jimmy Preston, an eccentric in their small town, disappears and a new stranger in town named Paul West is the main suspect, the women turn from rumors to sleuthing to solve the mystery. In a journey that leads them from haunted mansions to the backwoods of Mississippi, these ladies have the time of their lives in this comedic murder-mystery, Porches and Private Eyes.

Travis will introduce the film and be available for a Q&A afterwards.
The Strand Theatre
717 Clay Street
downtown Vicksburg

Porches and Private Eyes Tickets:
$5 in advance at Highway 61 Coffeehouse
$7 at the door 
All-In- Pass: $25

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dinner & a Movie - Indian Street Food and Sita Sings the Blues

Join us at the Strand on Friday, September 16 

for Dinner and a Movie

Chef Tom Ramsey is coming home to Vicksburg to feed us at the Strand. 
He and his crew will be serving "Indian Street food" on 
Friday, September 16 beginning at 6 PM 


Keema and Naan - Chicken on a stick with curry sauce and pan bread. - $8
Lamb Biryani - Spiced Lamb and Rice - $8
Lentil Samosas - Spiced Lentil Stuffed Pastries (Vegetarian) - $7

The meal will be followed by Nina Paley's Sita Sings the Blues, an eclectic animated film: "WHAT do a 3,000-year-old Sanskrit epic, a 20s-era jazz singer and Indonesian shadow puppets have in common? They re all part of the eclectic cultural tapestry that is Sita Sings the Blues, an 82-minute animated feature that combines autobiography with a retelling of the classic Indian myth the Ramayana, and that required its creator, the syndicated comic-strip artist Nina Paley, to spend three years transforming herself into a one-woman moving-picture studio:" New York Times

Film is $5 in advance & $7 at the door...
advance tickets at Highway 61 Coffeehouse