Sunday, April 1, 2018

Coming: Keep the Change - a different romantic comedy...

After two weekends with no programs, 
the Strand presents: 
Keep the Change
Saturday, April 21 at 7 PM

When aspiring filmmaker David (Brandon Polansky) is mandated by a judge to attend a social program at the Jewish Community Center, he is sure of one thing: he doesn’t belong there. But when he’s assigned to visit the Brooklyn Bridge with the vivacious Sarah (Samantha Elisofon), sparks fly and his convictions are tested. Their budding relationship must weather Sarah’s romantic past, David’s judgmental mother (Jessica Walter), and their own pre-conceptions of what love is supposed to look like. 

Under the guise of an off-kilter New York romantic comedy, Keep the Change does something quite radical in casting actors with autism to play characters with autism, offering a refreshingly honest portrait of a community seldom depicted on the big screen. Rarely has a romcom felt so deep and poignant. Thoroughly charming and quite funny, the film's warmth and candor brings growth and transformation to the characters, and ultimately, to us.

Watch the trailer: 

Discount advance tickets available at Highway 61 Coffeehouse: $5. At the door: $7.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Friday night Comedy Film Showcase

Vicksburg's first ever
Southern Comedy Showcase
Friday, March 23 at 7PM
So, it seems like we could all use some laughter now. Will Black and his team have put together a program of comedy films to address that need. Vicksburg's first ever Southern Comedy Showcase features 6 shorts. 

Directed by Kyle Lavore
Kyle Lavore's "That Smell" takes you into the ultra-secretive world of book sniffing. Follow Nate (Jay Paranada), as he heeds instruction of the secret practice from an underground leader and learns of the showdow men hell-bent on stopping the movement.

Directed by Sam South
A couple who has found themselves in the early throes of a post apocalyptic world discuss whether or not to eat their dead, best friend Jeremy.

Directed by Matt Wright
During the biggest snowstorm of 1988, Tom (Mike Fardy) finds himself stranded in a tiny basement apartment with his worst nightmare.

Directed by Bentley Brown
In this absurdist tale, the entire Arab population has left the film industry in search of other careers, which leaves other people trying out for terrorist roles.

Directed by Carter Tate
Splitting her time between Saturday Night Live and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Director Carter Tate debuts her first short mockumentary which follows Dotsie, a 92 year old with a big personality as she shows you around her lovely new residence: Country Village Retirement Center.

Directed by Josh Alward and Jesse Velik
Jeffrey (Jesse Velik) is an exotic dancer who is in it for the art. But with art comes struggle, courage, and cleaning houses between gigs.

Check out the official website of the event to see images, trailers, interviews, etc.

Come see the films, pick your favorite, have dessert with us and discuss afterwards.
Advance tickets are available at Highway 61 Coffeehouse for $8. At the door: $10.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Live music at the Strand Saturday Night

Saturday, March 17 at 7 PM


So this is a once in a lifetime meeting of musical characters on the stage of the Strand. 

Expect to hear a bunch of originals by Lee. H and Eric (uncle and nephew).

It will be Saint Patrick's Day, so look, wear any color you want, but be there.

Our bar will be open. Just saying.

All for $10.

Best of Oxford Film Festival coming to the Strand

Sunday, March 18 at 5 PM
OXFORD, MS: The 15th annual Oxford Film Festival finished up in February and will now travel the state to Vicksburg among other cities with some of the highlighted films and Hoka award winners. This years festival featured over 200 films.

After another successful festival with many great films, we are happy to announce that the show isnt over yet, Executive Director Melanie Addington said. If you were unable to attend the festival this year, then dont miss out on these key dates in March that are set to feature some of the winning and unique Mississippi films. We are so excited to be working with our venue partners including the second year with The Strand Theatre in Vicksburg.

Films screening in Vicksburg are:

Hoka winner Manna by King Woman and directed by Vincent Jude Chaney. Led by the hypnotic and breathy vocal dramatics of Kristina Esfandiari, the Hoka winning music video unveils the profoundly crafted opus of brooding, ethereal doom-rock.

Hoka Winner for Fest Forward, Mark C. Smiths, Two Balloons, animates two travelers return to a place crossed by stars and clouds where love is at the beginning of everything.

Highlighted Mississippi feature, Mississippi Madam, is Timothy Givens and Mark K. Brockways feature film, which chronicles the life of Nellie Jackson, an African-American woman born into poverty in Possum Corner, Miss., who travels north to Natchez in 1902 and opens a brothel she ran for more than 60 years with full knowledge of police and Natchez officials until a fiery end one hot July night in 1990.
Tickets: $5 at Highway 61 Coffeehouse or online / $7 at the door

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Oscar nominee at Strand Sat. March 3

The Insult
Saturday, March 3 at 7 PM
Here's your chance to see an Oscar nominee the night before the awards are given out.

In today's Beirut, an insult blown out of proportion finds Toni (Adel Karam), a Lebanese Christian, and Yasser (Kamel El Basha), a Palestinian refugee in court.

See the trailer:

Advanced tickets available at Highway 61 Coffeehouse: $5
/ at the door: $7

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Surprise Guest at the Strand Last Night

We screened the 2018 Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts last night. They were a powerful and moving batch of films (with the exeption of the hilarious Australian comedy: 11 O'clock).

When they ended, the crowd streamed out of the auditorium trading opinions about what they had seen. I overheard a group discussing the first film, DeKalb Elementary. Someone was saying that things would not have happened the way they did in the film, which was about an encounter between a potential school shooter and the receptionist at the school. About that time, someone came from the auditorium to tell me that the actress who played the heroic receptionist was there at the Strand. "What, really?"

Really. Mississippi actress, Tarra  Riggs, the star of DeKalb Elementary, had heard the Strand was the only theater in the region screening the films, so she came over to see it on the big screen.

She might have been hoping to sneak in, see the films, and sneak out, but instead she came out to the lobby for an "up close and personal" talk with those who hadn't left yet. She graciously answered all their questions about the film and more. And, yes, the incidents in the film did go down pretty much as the film depicts. Tarra has been in a number of Mississippi related films (including The Help which screened in Jackson at the Museum Friday night.). We're hoping to have her back at the Strand for a screening of one of her other projects.

So, look, don't miss our films, and don't hurry out when they end. Stick around to talk about them. You never know who will emerge from the dark theater.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Oscar Nominated Short films at the Strand Sat. and Sun.

Ever since we started showing films at the Strtand, I have wanted to present the Oscar nominated shorts, and this year we have them! See these programs and be guaranteed to see an Oscar winning film.

On Saturday, February 24 at 7 PM we have the Live Action shorts.

Read this review from the Hollywood Reporter:

And the nominees are...


DeKalb Elementary
Director: Reed Van Dyk
Synopsis: Steven, a mentally unstable twenty something, enters an elementary school with a semi-automatic rifle. After he orders the school receptionist, Cassandra, to have the building evacuated, he holds her hostage and instructs her to call 911. With Cassandra as his go-between, Steven tries to navigate the troubled waters he has entered.
Country of Origin: United States
TRT: 21
Language: English

The Eleven O’Clock
Director: Derin Seale and Josh Lawson
Synopsis: A psychiatrist earnestly tries to help his delusional patient, but his efforts are complicated by the fact that the patient believes himself to be the doctor. With each trying to out-analyze the other, their session spirals out of control.
Country of Origin: Australia
TRT: 13
Language: English

My Nephew Emmett
Director: Kevin Wilson Jr.
Synopsis: In 1955, two white men invade the home of Mose Wright, an African-American preacher in Mississippi, to abduct his 14-year-old nephew, Emmett Till, who is visiting from Chicago. Emmett has been accused of whistling at a white woman, and Mose knows that his fate will be sealed if the men succeed in taking him.
Country of Origin: United States
TRT: 20
Language: English

The Silent Child
Director: Chris Overton and Rachel Senton
Synopsis: Libby, a profoundly deaf four-year-old, is the youngest child in a family who are all hearing. Unable to communicate but about to start school, Libby is assigned a social worker who teaches her sign language. Libby’s skeptical parents are reluctant to be involved, however, and pose a potential block to Libby’s education.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
TRT: 20
Language: English, British Sign Language

Watu Wote/All of Us
Director: Katja Benrath and Tobias Rosen
Synopsis: Jua, a Christian living in Kenya, boards a chartered bus to visit a relative and is uncomfortable being surrounded by Muslim passengers. The bus is stopped by the violent terrorist group Al-Shabaab, whose members demand that the Muslims identify the Christian passengers.
Country of Origin: Germany, Kenya
TRT: 22
Language: Swahili, Somali.

Advance tickets available at Highway 61 Coffeehouse for $5

Trailer and more information coming soon.

At the door: $7

And on Sunday, February 25 at 5 PM we present the

ead New York Times Review:

Dear Basketball
Director: Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant
Synopsis: On the eve of his retirement from basketball, NBA legend Kobe Bryant describes his love for the game, which began when he was a young child. From his youthful dreams of glory to his 20-year career, Bryant describes how he and basketball have given each other all they have. His inspiring poem, DEAR BASKETBALL is stunningly drawn to life by veteran animation director Glen Keane and set to the music of legendary composer John Williams.
Country of Origin: United States
TRT: 6
Language: English

Garden Party
Director: Victor Caire and Gabriel Grapperon
Synopsis: A luxurious villa and its grounds have become home to amorous, hungry and accident-prone frogs and toads. While they enjoy the bounties on offer, including caviar and macaroons, the amphibians uncover the whereabouts of the villa’s owner.
Country of Origin: France
TRT: 7
Language: French

Director: Dave Mullins and Dana Murray
Synopsis: Lou, the guardian of the lost and found box at an elementary school, tries to teach young bully J.J. that giving to the other kids will make him feel better than stealing from them.
Country of Origin: United States
TRT: 7
Language: English

Negative Space
Director: Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata
Synopsis: Even though Sam’s father is hardly ever home because he is often away on business trips, he is able to connect with his son by teaching him how to pack a suitcase.
Country of Origin: France
TRT: 5
Language: English

Revolting Rhymes
Director: Jan Lachauer and Jakob Schuh
Synopsis: The Wolf from the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” reveals the true and twisted story of his adventures and those of other characters in his world, including Snow White, Cinderella and Jack, the climber of beanstalks. The film is based on the much-loved rhymes written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
TRT: 29
Language: English

Advance tickets at Highway 61 Coffeehouse: $5

At the door: $7.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Live Theater at the Strand - The Cocktail Hour

For the first production of our tenth year the Westside Theater Foundation presents A. R. Gurney's The Cocktail Hour at the Strand Theter in downtown Vicksburg.

The time is the mid '70s, the place a city in upstate New York. John, a playwright, returns to his family's house, bringing with him a new play which he has written about them. His purpose is to obtain their permission to proceed with production, but his wealthy, very proper parents are cautious from the outset. For them the theatre is personified by the gracious, comforting era of the Lunts and Ina Claire, and they are disturbed by the bluntness of modern plays. And there is also John's sister, Nina, to contend with, although her reservations have to do with the fact that John has given her character such a minor role. Their confrontation takes place during the ritual of the cocktail hour, and as the martinis flow so do the recriminations and revelations, both funny and poignant. In the end it is evident that what John has written is closer to the truth than his family has heretofore been willing to admit, and that beneath their WASP reserve his parents and siblings are as beset with uncertainties and frustrations as their presumed "inferiors." But while they seem shackled by the past, and tantalized by an alien future, the ties which bind them do prevail—surmounting disputes and disappointments and, with unfailing warmth and humor, converting pained resignation into cautious but hopeful anticipation.

Winner of the Lucille Lortel Award as Best Off-Broadway Play. A long-run New York success, this witty, perceptive play blends mordant humor with moments of affecting poignancy. "THE COCKTAIL HOUR is as funny and moving as The Dining Room…it could be the best play he has done so far." —The New Yorker. "It makes for a deliciously funny and also occasionally touching evening, as Gurney's family sit around raking over old coals and settling old scores with a quite new and beguiling freshness." —NY Post. "The lines in the play crackle and pop with an electricity all their own." —Drama-Logue. "…when I watch Gurney at his best, as he is here, I laugh through the tears." —NY Daily News.

Advance tickets are available at Highway 61 Coffeehouse for $10. Tickets at the door: $15.

At this time of the year, attendees would be well advised to dress warmly at the Strand...

Friday, January 12
Saturday, January 13
Friday, January 19
Saturday, January 20

All performances at 7:30 PM