Saturday, February 27, 2021

New York International Children's Film Festival online (save with discount code)


The New York International Children’s Film Festival kicks off March 5-14! For the first time ever, the Oscar-qualifying film festival for children and teens will take place completely online, making its groundbreaking programming available to families nationwide!

Tickets are on sale NOW! Our Vicksburg audience can use code TOUR21 to save $3 off Single View tickets and $5 off All Access Passes! Learn more at

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What is a Sweded Film Festival? We've got one for you...

Well, It's been awhile, but the Strand has a new virtual offering for you: a Sweded Film Festival 

Check it out, watch it, (for only $3.99) and benefit the Strand...


 “Sweded” films are inspired by Michel Gondry’s 2008 film Be Kind, Rewind 

which sees two video store workers create brief but bizarre 

remakes of real movies, unintentionally creating a must see fad 

Mega blockbusters, beloved classics, arthouse indies, even 

concert films have all been given the unique treatment known as “sweding ” for the first 

ever nationwide Sweded Film Festival  for Creative Re Creations 

“Sweded” versions of 

Die Hard 

Air Force One 

No Country for Old Men 

The Lighthouse 

The Wizard of Oz 

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 


Stop Making Sense 

showcase the passion, humor, creativity and – as a result of the pandemic – incredible ingenuity of movie lovers, whose fast - and cheap, homemade versions of these and other movies will be included i Creative Re-Creations comes almost one full year after thousands of movie theaters around the country closed their doors 
and darkened their screens in the wake of COVID 19. 

“It’s been an extraordinarily difficult year for independent movie exhibitors and for 
film fans, but we remain undaunted, and our Sweded Festival is a way to celebrate 
everything we love about movies,” said Brian Mendelssohn, owner of Row House Cinema, 
which launched The Sweded Film Festival for Creative Re-Creations 
four years ago as a local event in Pittsburgh and is taking it national for 2021.

 “The exuberance and immense creativity of the entrants is wonderful to see – silly, passionate, inspired and sometimes downright crazy.” 

Virtual cinema releases help independently owned cinemas make up for the revenue 
lost during this historic time.
Half of the revenue of each virtual or real world ticket sold to 
The Sweded Film Festival for Creative Re Creations will aid theaters that are continuing to struggle with lost revenue due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and its related closures. 

A virtual cinema ticket to The Sweded Film Festival for Creative Re Creations 
will cost just $3.99 – a bargain price that organizers hope will spur more movie fans watch the 
fan made short films and help support independent cinemas.