Monday, November 2, 2020

MANHATTAN SHORT 2020 winners announced...3 fathers & 3 daughters

 Again, we want to thank Martin's at Midtown for making it possible for us to get this year's MANHATTAN SHORT in front of the Strand audience. It was a fun place to see a movie, and maybe we can get together again there.

The Vicksburg audience was in perfect alignment with the worldwide audience in their choices for best films and actor.

The big prize goes to the Palestinian film about a father and daughter's 
experiences bringing home a fridge

In Macedonia
another father tries to take a gift to his daughter.

Another father (in Finland) has to decide whether to get his daughter a dog.

The best actor award goes to the father with the fridge...

Thanks to everyone who came to our presentations of the films at Martin's. 
By the time it was all over, I think we had almost figured out how to make it work.

Hope to see you back at the Strand someday soon.