Monday, October 3, 2016


MANHATTAN SHORT was a great selection of 10 short films again this year.

The winners have been chosen, and once again the Strand audience mostly reflects the choices made in 250 theatres around the world:

Best film (Gold Medal winner) goes to Hold On from the Netherlands (the one about the cellist) and its star, Charlie Chan Dagelet was chosen as best actor. (The Strand audience agreed on both.)

The Silver Star goes to The Tunnel (Norway) This film was also chosen by Vicksburg's audience for second place.

The Bronze Medal (third place) is awarded to Je Suis un Crayon (I Am a Pencil) the animated film from Austrailia. (Our audience had chosen Ella Gets a Promotion)

It was a great event, with a fantastic audience. Thanks to all. And of course thanks to Nick Mason for all the hard work he does to make MANHATTAN SHORT a reality.


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