Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Art House Theater Day 2017 is a done deal...

About 45 folks gathered at the Strand on Sunday, September 24 to celebrate the second annual Art House Theater Day.

Our idea was to expand on the usual sight and sound of films and add the other senses. We figured the best way to engage the senses of taste, smell and touch were to have food and drink. Taking our cue from our feature film: Lucky, we decided to have a fiesta, which meant Mexican food and Bloody Marias before the film, and flan for dessert afterwards.

Lucky was preceded by clips from the career of Harry Dean Stanton. The film was a moving tribute to the life of this wonderful character actor (who died about a week before) and a meditation on acceptance for the audience.

The Strand audience was largely comprised of "regulars" but it was great to see a number of newbies there for the first time. I assured the first timers that they would have to return, because there were no other attendees who had only been there once before.

All in all, it was a civilized and fulfilling AHTD.

Thanks to John and Lisa at Martin's at Midtown; Jay Parmegiani and crew from 10 South; Rachel Bacon; and Joseph Holbrooks for all providing food and drink for the soiree. Also thanks to those folks who volunteered to help us next time we are crazy enough to attempt something like this.

Come back soon and often, and remember AHTD returns in 2018!


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