Monday, October 7, 2019

MANHATTAN SHORT results are in!

SYLVIA Drives Away with the Gold Medal at MANHATTAN SHORT 2019

Sylvia, written and directed by Richard Prendergast (United Kingdom), is the Gold Medal Winner of the 2019 Manhattan Short Film Festival. Sylvia is the fact-based story of the deep meaning one car had to a family, a tale that resonated with viewers around the world. Nefta Football Club, directed by Yves Piat of France, won the Silver Medal for its hilarious depiction of a cocaine smuggling operation gone wrong. This Time Away, written and directed Magali Barbe, also of the UK, wins the Bronze Medal for its story of an aging man whose spirits are raised by a robotic companion. The Best Actor Award goes to veteran thespian John Standing for his performance in A Family Affair. The global audience has voted. Congratulations to all the winners!
The Strand vote vs. the Global vote
There was only one difference between the Strand voting and the worldwide totals: The top 2 were reversed.
Strand number 1. Nefta Football Club (Global: Sylvia)
Strand number 2. Sylvia (Global: NEFTA Football Club)
Strand & Global number 3.  This Time Away
Strand & Global: Best Actor: John Standing from A Family Affair

Many thanks to John and Lisa Martin of Martin's at Midtown for hosting the "after party" and for all their sponsorship for this event and the support they give the Strand the entire year.

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