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Stanley Kubrick's

2001: A Space Odyssey

Sunday, February 4 at 3 PM

We continue our series of Sunday afternoon epic films with one of the greatest films ever made: Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which redefined the limits of filmmaking. It's a classic science fiction masterpiece: a contemplation on the nature of humanity.
Stone Age Earth: In the presence of a mysterious black obelisk, pre-humans discover the use of tools--and weapons--violently taking first steps toward intelligence. 1999: On Earth's moon astronauts uncover another mysterious black obelisk. 2001: Between Earth and Jupiter, the spacecraft's intelligent computer makes a mistake that kills most of the human crew--then continues to kill to hide its error. Beyond Time: The sole survivor of the journey to Jupiter ascends to the next level of humanity.
Tickets are $10 / $9 in advance at Highway 61 Coffeehouse
It certainly won't be quite as cold as in outer space, but if it's cold in Vicksburg, it will be cold in the Strand. Dress appropriately.
And there's an intermission!!!
Free Popcorn...

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