Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's 2015.

Strand Cinema 2015 begins... 
Join us at the Strand:
Point and Shoot:
a new documentary about a man who wanted to be a hero and how he set out to achieve that goal. It’s a 21st Century existential story in the form of an epic adventure selfie.

This film is screening around the country now. In Vicksburg: one night only.
$7 at the door / $5 in advance.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Despite the fact we have a new heating and cooling system, if it is really cold outside, I would advise dressing warmly when coming to the Strand. 
Coming soon...
Saturday, January 17 at 7 PM7 Boxes, a Paraguayan thriller featuring chase scenes involving wheelbarrows. This film is also about a (younger) man who dreams of fame.
$7 at the door / $5 in advance.

Saturday, January 24 at 7 PM: Little Accidents, a film about the aftermath of a mining disaster, and the decisions about the truth that have to be made by the survivors. This American independent film is being released to theatres in New York, Los Angeles, and a few other cities this month, and our screening will be an exclusive for Mississippi. Chloe Sevigny and Elizabeth Banks star.
 $7 at the door / $5 in advance. 

The “Best” is Coming:
This is my favorite time of year. Not the holidays - those are over. It’s the time when all the lists of best films of the year come out in the major papers and international film
magazines. I track down all the lists I can find, and study them carefully. I resolve to see as many “bests” as I can, and as part of my self defined job as film programmer for the Strand, I try to find some of those “bests” for us to share. I am hoping to repeat last year’s coup of bringing to Vicksburg the film that wins the Best Foreign Language Oscar.

I have my theory about what it will be, and have already spoken with its distributor about bringing it here soon.

This year an honorary life achievement Academy Award is going to Hiyao Miyazaki, a terrific Japanese Animation director. I am trying to line up one of his films that did win the Oscar for Best Animated Film a few years back.  
Stay tuned.   Daniel W. Boone

We have a big year coming up at the Strand for films, live theatrical productions, and other events. Follow us:

Call for more details: 601 529 7252
Westside Theatre Foundation
Twitter: @strandcinema

Advance Tickets (sometimes discounted) for films and other Strand events can be
purchased at Highway 61 Coffeehouse in downtown Vicksburg.

The Strand is located in the Adolph Rose building downtown at 717 Clay Street

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