Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween weekend at the Strand= Dracula & Rocky + you...

It's a Halloween party x 2 at the Strand Theatre!

Live onstage: Original production of 

Dracula - the Sin of the Flesh

Fri. , Oct. 30 at 7:30 PM / Sat. Oct. 31 at 9 PM

followed by the perfect cult movie: 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fri. , Oct. 30 at 10:30 PM / Sat. Oct. 31 at 11:45 PM

It's a Halloween party both nights. Between the shows we will have dancing, cheap
drinks, old horror movie trailers, costume contests and more. Come for the night or pick
your pleasure.

If you know anyone who saw our original production Dracula: the Sin of the Flesh last
week, ask them if they had fun. I know we did. It's Dracula, with the familiar characters
of Dr. Seward, Harker, Renfield, Van Helsing, Lucy and Mina; but presented in a new
way using music, dance, special effects and audience immersion. Don't miss this show.

And what can we say about Rocky Horror Picture Show? It's the 40th Anniversary of the
perfect cult film, but it has never been shown in Vicksburg until now. Come dressed as
your favorite character, heckle the actors, and do the Time Warp (again).

Advance Tickets at Highway 61 Coffeehouse:

Best deal - Both shows + party either night: $22

Dracula: $15
($18 at the door)

Rocky: $10 ($12 at the door)

Call 601 638 9221

Strand Theatre - 717 Clay Street - Downtown Vicksburg 

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