Friday, November 6, 2015

Join the Quest for Fire

Fire is important, and that point is demonstrated for us in Jean-Jacques Annaud's 1982 film the Quest for Fire. Cavemen on a quest to regain the precious element, facing enemy tribes and dangerous prehistoric creatures? Really? Oh, yeah. It has become a cult film and for good reasons...As Janet Masliin wrote in the New York Times on the movie's release: NOT many movies demand the suspension of disbelief that Jean-Jacques Annaud's ''Quest for Fire'' insists upon, and earns. The audience is asked to imagine that it is seeing what a movie camera would have seen, had the movie camera been invented 80,000 years ago. Some skepticism is in order, but it vanishes fast. ''Quest for Fire'' is more than just a hugely enterprising science lesson, although it certainly is that. It's also a touching, funny and suspenseful drama about prehumans.

See the trailer for Quest for Fire

Join us for this classic film, 

The Quest for Fire.

Saturday, November 14 at 7 PM

The Strand Theatre
717 Clay Street
downtown Vicksburg

$5 advance tickets available at Highway 61 Coffeehouse
$7 at the door

(barking at the screen is not only tolerated, but encouraged.


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